Friday, September 26, 2008

Who does he look like?

Well since my camera is broken and I can't put new pics up lets take a look at some old pics and see who Cash looks like.

Austin at 4 months

Braxton at 6 months

Cash at 3 months

Okay now you've seen them lets hear your votes!


I am Keri. said...

I think he looks like Baby pictures of Starla!

Stephanie said...

I think he's a mix for sure because he doesn't look more like one than the other, you get me? He does look more like you than Ryan though.

Me said...

I think he looks like Jimmy Neutron!

hugsnkisses said...

He just has his own little look, doesn't he?
But I agree with keri, he probably looks like your baby pictures. Braxton is the one with a little bit of both of you. Guess what? He does not look like
Jimmy Neutron. Only his hair!

strbrte said...

I agree not Jimmy Neutron not really like the other boys. I guess we'll just have to wait and see

House of Joy said...

Those are three of the cutest boys ever!!!!!!

Love how all your boys, Austin, Braxton and Cash have those big beautiful eyes.