Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'm getting so excited for my little sisters to come stay with me. I just love their company. Well don't tell them but I'm also writing an extensive chore list for them. Windows, baseboards, weeds I can't wait!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Yeah so making pancakes as a mom goes make the pancakes get kids and husband feed. Then reheat your pancakes in the microwave and then sit down and eat. How making pancakes goes as a pregnant mom. Make pancakes while simultaneouly eating pancakes. This new way only works if your out put( the pancakes you make) is greater than your input ( the pancakes you are shoving down your throat as fast as you can before your kids want another one) ! Yeah patience is not a virtue that comes with the big belly and swollen ankles.

Our small town life!

Our neighbor boys came over to play this morning. They walk in and say " We have a surprise for you!", and they pull out a garbage sack. Can you guess what was in it? Well it was a headless snake that there neighbor had killed with a shovel. And we were lucky enough to have it delivered right to our door step still wiggling and twitching. How blessed are we that would never happen in vegas, well unless our neighbors were Satan worshippers and they were using the snake to cast a spell on us. But hey don't you just love the small town life.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Austins funny story!

Well here is Austins funny story of the Day! He came home yesterday from school, the last day of school. Austin proudly announces " NO homework today MOM!" And he thought I would be surprised by this I guess! He did really well this year He averaged 98% in Math and 95% in spelling and is reading at a second grade level.

Am I afraid of childirth?

Now that this pregnancy is slowly coming to a close. I am asked this question alot what about it scares me. I have to be honest and say not much really makes me that nervous until...... I look at my two year olds head. Holy crap Charlie Brown has nothing on that kid. It is gianourmous. No doubt thinking where that thing comes from makes me a little apprehensive. What are my chances that this one will have a tiny (or heck I'll even settle for normal sized) head. Yeah probably slim to none is my guess too. I guess the upside to the big head is that as accident prone my Braxton is his brain has alot of room to roll around in there!

Friday, May 23, 2008

first blogging incident

In the 10 min it took me to set up this new blog Braxton went in my room got a highlighter and drew all over himself asnd the little girl I watch. I don't know if starting this was such a good idea!

Just the Beginning

I guess maybe I should start one of these since everyone else has already. Hopefully this will be a way to keep our family connected to my kids. Things change daily but mostly they are the same I guess I could just tell a funny story for the day. This morning Braxton was up at 6:30 he comes and climbes into bed with us and then looks at me and says "mom, wake up, I'm never going to bed ever ever again!" This is just one of the many things on his list of things he will never do a again like bathe, eat dinner, go potty on the toliet, or get dressed. Of course never say never right. WEll I guess with one exception becasue he really won't go potty on the toliet but we'll save that battle for another day.