Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Halloween!

These are our three little monsters! This year we didn't have a uniting theme but they were all super cute! I made Austin's costume it turned out pretty good considering I didn't have a pattern and i had to watch youtube videos of some 40 yr old virgins to get ideas. But next yr I might try to make all three who knows!

This was Ry's pumpkin it wouldn't download last time so I'm happy it did this time so cute!

This was my costume for our halloween bunco. I was livin la vida chola! I won a $30 prize for best costume! I really didn't deserve it but hey I'm not giving it back!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh Braxton!

Braxton is our middle child. He is a special boy with an interesting take on life. That is the nice way of saying he is your run of the mill pain in the butt, but we do get a kick out of him. Here are some of his more interesting things he has said.
One day Braxton refused to clean up his trains so his Dad took them away and put them down stairs. So the next day Braxton was sneaking downstairs and bringing pieces of his train back upstairs bit by bit. When I caught Braxton I told him he better put them back or his Dad would be very mad. this is how the conversation continued..
Braxton: Well then I will tell Dad you let me go get them.
Mom: Braxton that is a lie.
Braxton: Well then you tell Dad you let me.
Mom: Braxton that is a lie too and I don't lie.
Braxton: Well what's Jesus' number?
Mom: You want Jesus' phone number?
Braxton: Yeah so if you don't tell Dad that, then I will call Jesus and tell him your being naughty!

Yes I was blackmailed by my four year old to lie or he would sic Jesus on me!

Then yesterday I told Braxton he needed to clean up his room. He wasn't doing it after I had gotten after him several times so I told him he better hurry before his Dad got home or his Dad would get mad at him. Braxton looked up and said,"Well actually Mom he'll be mad at you for yelling at me."
So much attitude I don't know what I'm going to do!