Monday, February 23, 2009

Hair cut!

Lindy this is totally your fault! J/K I think it looks cute a little shorter than i wanted and Ryans not home to see it so if I go missing i guess that means he didn't like it J/K What a stud! He looks older and his cute teeth he's a growing boy! He got that bruise on his nose from the ride he took down the stairs in his walker. He's okay and he stayed upright till the bottom then he flipped forward and face planted. I swear our house is trying to kill our kids! But so far they have been watched out for.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My latest project!

I just started to do this embroidery. Since Time out is an important part of our lives with 3 boys I came up with this one and I'm pretty happy with it. I still don't consider myself crafty but I do enjoy learning how to do new things.

Our little adventure

My family came down last weekend and we had a great time. On Sat we took a little day trip to lee's ferry it was so fun we stopped on the way and saw the mushroom rocks and then we went down to the river the kids love throwing rocks in the water. We also went on a small hike to see what was left of the steam boat. It turned out to be just the metal barrel thing but the hike was still fun the kids loved it. We can't wait to do it again this summer when the kids can play more in the water.

Friday, February 13, 2009

our cute store!

Our little store will give you coins when you check out so your kids can ride the merry go round for free. Isn't that so cute our kids love it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

our table!

The other table we had was too big for this house.So I looked for months to find a new one and I found this one on craigslist we got it for 75 dollars. I've spent the last month or so refinishing it and now it's finally done. I just love how it turned out now I just have to start on the six chairs that will take me a while don't you just love projects.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Funny guy!

Here are some more of Braxton's pics! And some of his funny quotes of this week.

while watching Aladdin during one of the kissing scenes:
Mom: ewww! That kissing is gross huh!
Braxton: No I think it's yummy! just a little bit I think!

Braxton: Mom I want a snack!
MOM: No it's almost dinner and mom is excited cause she is so so so so....
Braxty: So Pissed OFF?
Mom: No hungry!

Yeah I'm still working on the good mom thing if you couldn't tell!

Our little photographer!

Braxton loves to take pictures. At first it was just pics of peoples legs and butts but now he is doing better. It will be interesting to see if it's something that he sticks with. This is his first gallery of pics.

Deer Again!

I know I've posted about the deer before but it stills amazes me every time. This time i was walking by the big window in my kitchen and boom a million eyes on me it scared me to death they have never been this close during the day it can be a little unnerving because they are quite big. Me and Braxty tried to go out to feed them some carrots but they ran off. Maybe we can tame them pet deer would be pretty sweet.

In Vegas you have to worry about your neighbors dog pooping on your lawn here, you have to worry about your neighbors dog and a whole herd of deer pooping on your lawn. The problem is deer poop and coco puffs look alot alike luckily Braxty is old enough to know better and Cash is still too young to play outside but I can see that next year this might be a problem. We'll have to have a little lesson coco puffs okay to eat deer poop not chocolate.