Monday, May 23, 2011

Super chic for super cheap!

I'm loving getting some projects done. At easter we went to Vegas and I went thrifting and took a trip to micheals. Dangerous combo for a crafter like me but i just love the things I got for the house! For the front room I got a stencil and craft paint and brushes about $15 in supplies but with that I turned this
Into this!

And this is no wall flower either. It's about 3ft wide by 2 1/2 ft tall. It's a big lady but for $15 bucks AAAAMazing! I love her. You don't need much instruction to make your own I had my hubby screw four brackets on the back two hold the threee pieces together. I sanded her down cause I was using crap wood from out by our shed that's been there for who knows how long. I painted her white with craft paint. made a heart stencil. Like so...
Then I Painted on the red heart. I used my letter stencil! ( which I still have and is available to borrow anytime) And done! So easy! My inspiration is the Susie Harris Blog she does all these amazing hand painted signs! I decided to brave it on my own and i'm so glad i did.

So cute I feel like she needs a little something on the sides of her but it'll just have to wait.

Next I got a crazy chicken head and these sconces at Savers total it was $10 for the lot not super cheap but still a good deal.

See super ugly and plastic I didn't want sconces and have to put in candles so I just did this..

Kinda wacky but I love it for that reason. No one else will have a wall quite like this one.

Ok for my final project which I love love love! I got a lamp at the D.I. in St. George for $7. Her shade was a little tall but with some tape and wire clippers I was able to shorten it and with fabric I already had I made her look like this...

I got the idea from this blog I did mine a little different cause I wanted to use the materials I already had to cut costs. But I just love it!
All I did was hot glue fabric all over the shade. Then I cut strips of faabric folded in half ironed then hot glued on in a wavy pattern. It was a bit time consuming but so worth it I think. So there are my latest bargins don't be afraid to try them yourselves I have no skills what so ever so if i can do them you can too!