Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Austin Extreme!

Austiin said to me when they were playing in the mud yesterday "Mom, I am an extreme sports guy!"
I said oh yeah why do you say that. " See were throwing mud balls." And I said oh so that makes you an exctreme sports guy huh." And he said Yeah and cause of all the other stuff I do and I said yeah like what?" ( thinking he would say 4 wheeling or skate boarding ) And after a lot of thought he said " like when I play video games!" I could have died laughing.


House of Joy said...

So funny!!! You are such a great mom. Just love that Austin!!!!

Your boys are so blessed to have you for their mom.

Stephanie said...

He is so funny, what is he talking about? He definitely makes playing a video game extreme. It is intense from start to finish for Austy. We should look for him the snowboarding one for christmas, he would love it!

strbrte said...

I guess your right Austy does make playing the wii an extreme sport.

hugsnkisses said...

He even makes watching someone else play extreme. What an extremely adorable child!

The Little Blog said...

I love it. Kids are so funny. I hope you don't mind I found your blog on Stephanie's. I am going to blog stock you now.