Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TP Mirror

This is so my kind of project, it didn't cost me a dime. It is a big statement piece though and you can't beat that. So my supplies for this project are a round mirror that I got for free toilet paper rolls and craft paint. You could use any round mirror they sell them everywhere and I find them at thrift stores all the time.
So I painted the frame of my mirror black and smashed the tp rolls flat and then cut them up to make leaf shapes. I then painted each leaf shape with the black paint. Using my hot glue gun I glued the leaves around the mirror then glued leaves in each space till I got it as round as I wanted. The results are amazing most people think it's metal till I tell them it's TP rolls. So here she is!
I just love her and at zero cost it's really a project anyone can do . Since craft paint comes in like a million colors you can honestly make one to match any room decor.

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