Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Austin Extreme!

Austiin said to me when they were playing in the mud yesterday "Mom, I am an extreme sports guy!"
I said oh yeah why do you say that. " See were throwing mud balls." And I said oh so that makes you an exctreme sports guy huh." And he said Yeah and cause of all the other stuff I do and I said yeah like what?" ( thinking he would say 4 wheeling or skate boarding ) And after a lot of thought he said " like when I play video games!" I could have died laughing.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Forget the presidential debate this is funner!

Okay I know you think I'm vain but this is the only picture I have of Ryan as a baby. And lets face it I'm so stinking fat and cute, Wish Fat was cute for adults but that's another story. K my opinion is that cash really looks like a mix of me and Ryan. But holy cow Braxton looks a lot like these older baby pics of me our newborn pics look nothing alike but the 6 months pics look very similar. How fun to look back and see us as babes.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Matt got his call!

Baby Matt

Still Baby Matt

Matt when I left for my mission

Well Matt is going to North Carolina and he is serving in the Charlotte mission. I'm so excited for him and so proud! Part of me is so sad though I will miss him so much. I know the mission will do so much for Matt but I also know it can be hard! There are so many temptations and trials. But there is so much fun I hope Matt gets a good trainer and he should start to pray for one now. I just can't believe he is that old already he was always one of the little kids. But I know he will do great all he has to do is work hard and be obediant and have faith and it will be one of the highlights of his life. I love you Matt congratulations.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Who does he look like?

Well since my camera is broken and I can't put new pics up lets take a look at some old pics and see who Cash looks like.

Austin at 4 months

Braxton at 6 months

Cash at 3 months

Okay now you've seen them lets hear your votes!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our year!

A year ago our house looked like this and our little Braxty was in a body cast. I still cry when I see those old pictures of him and I remember how worried sick I was about him. Now he runs around crazy and I feel so blessed. I know our trials this last year are a drop in the bucket compared to what others have had to go through. I'm not complaining just reflecting on how blessed I feel today. Our house is beautiful and Braxton is healthy. Even all the drama with Cash and the pregnancy and he is just perfect. Through all the drama and changes over the past year one thing has remained the same. My Heavenly father and Jesus my brother love us so much. He has blessed us so greatly. I was so resentful of having another baby and yet he has given me my sweet little boy Cash. He is such a sweet sprit and brings so much joy to our family. WE are so blessed to belong to his church and know that life is more than just dirty diapers and dirty dishes. That we are doing his work and are a part of a bigger plan and a bigger family. I feel so much love and know that comes from My relationship with our Savior.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a hottie!

My cute hubby got to go to the Lake Mon. with the bishop and his new boat. My friend Nicki took these pics of him i guess this was his first time wake surfing and they said he did awesome! So many talents wish we could learn how to capitalize on them.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Braxton's Quotes of the Day!

After Braxty lets out a huge fart!
MOM: Wow that was a big one!
Braxty: No mom it's like a horn beep beep! WEll more like HONK! HONK! Who's there?

While we are packing up to go camping

Braxty: I'm never going camping ever ever! I'm going to stay here and wait for my new Mom!

At dinner while camping

Austin: Thanks mom and Dad for dinner!
Braxty: Thanks mom and Dad for dinner! And thank you Braxty!
( and of course after we all laugh he had to say it like 300 hiundred more times. But I have to admit it was pretty funny every time)

Lots of new happenings!

Well I know I haven't posted in a while and we've had alot of fun events. Luke came home yeah! Cash got his blessing. It was so neat to hear what Ryan said. He told our sweet boy that he would be and example for his older brothers, he said that cash would serve a mission and be a powerful instrument in the Lords hands. I just remember feeling that he really is a special spirit and how blessed we are to have him.

We also went camping this weekend Ryan woke up that morning and decided to camp so after work we threw our stuff in the truck and went. Of course we forgot some stuff like pillows and pans to cook breakfast. It did turn out fun! The boys had a blast.

And that picture of Braxton all a mess was seriously taken like five or ten min after we got there!