Sunday, September 28, 2008

Forget the presidential debate this is funner!

Okay I know you think I'm vain but this is the only picture I have of Ryan as a baby. And lets face it I'm so stinking fat and cute, Wish Fat was cute for adults but that's another story. K my opinion is that cash really looks like a mix of me and Ryan. But holy cow Braxton looks a lot like these older baby pics of me our newborn pics look nothing alike but the 6 months pics look very similar. How fun to look back and see us as babes.


House of Joy said...

You were such a cutie!!!! I used to love to kiss those chubby little cheeks. Every one was mesmerized by your large beautiful blue eyes. Now you have grown to be a beautiful young woman.
Braxton does look like his mommy! All your boys have big beautiful eyes like yours.

You are a wonderful mom.
Love ya

Nicki said...

SO cute! It's like looking at Braxton with a bow in his hair! I agree with you, Cash is a perfect mix of both of you.

Stephanie said...

Holy cow, Braxton is your mini me and I never saw it so clearly before! Cash is a good mix and Austin is his dad's mini me for sure, especially on the stick legs, ha. (don't tell Ryan I said that!)