Monday, September 8, 2008

Our year!

A year ago our house looked like this and our little Braxty was in a body cast. I still cry when I see those old pictures of him and I remember how worried sick I was about him. Now he runs around crazy and I feel so blessed. I know our trials this last year are a drop in the bucket compared to what others have had to go through. I'm not complaining just reflecting on how blessed I feel today. Our house is beautiful and Braxton is healthy. Even all the drama with Cash and the pregnancy and he is just perfect. Through all the drama and changes over the past year one thing has remained the same. My Heavenly father and Jesus my brother love us so much. He has blessed us so greatly. I was so resentful of having another baby and yet he has given me my sweet little boy Cash. He is such a sweet sprit and brings so much joy to our family. WE are so blessed to belong to his church and know that life is more than just dirty diapers and dirty dishes. That we are doing his work and are a part of a bigger plan and a bigger family. I feel so much love and know that comes from My relationship with our Savior.


House of Joy said...

Big hug. You are so awesome.

I am in awe of all you have been through. You handled it so well.

Cash is a miracle baby. All your boys are special spirits.

I am so grateful for you. I feel so blessed to have you for my daughter. Your boys are so blessed to have you for their mother.

Love you forever

PS Your home is beautiful!

Nicki said...

Love you Star! I'm so blessed to have you as my friend!

Stephanie said...

It really has been a crazy year for you guys and I am so glad everything turned out perfectly. It is so nice to have some family close by and we are so blessed to be an eternal family. I love those boys and I really wouldn't mind if you had another!!;) J/K

House of Joy said...

hey i love you so much!!!!!! well me and suzy have an idea for halloween you should dress them up as the three musketeers that would be so cute. love ya christy