Saturday, September 27, 2008

Matt got his call!

Baby Matt

Still Baby Matt

Matt when I left for my mission

Well Matt is going to North Carolina and he is serving in the Charlotte mission. I'm so excited for him and so proud! Part of me is so sad though I will miss him so much. I know the mission will do so much for Matt but I also know it can be hard! There are so many temptations and trials. But there is so much fun I hope Matt gets a good trainer and he should start to pray for one now. I just can't believe he is that old already he was always one of the little kids. But I know he will do great all he has to do is work hard and be obediant and have faith and it will be one of the highlights of his life. I love you Matt congratulations.


House of Joy said...

Thanks star ill try and come see you guys soon and its crazy i was that small when you left and it will be crazy to yoyr kids all grown up like braxton might be potty trained well maybe haha but i love so much star and i atill have that post card you sent me for my birthday and ill try to write you guys all the time

Me said...

Remember when Matt was little and we would watch family home videos...that was great...we need to that again...but there would be a video when Matt was a baby and we'd say, "Hey Matt, that's you when you were a baby!" then Matt would throw a big fit and scream and cry "I'm not a baby!" Those were some good times....