Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy kicked the crap out of cancer day!

Yesterday was my year mark of being cancer free. On Nov. 4th last year I had my last chemo treatment. I was a hot mess. I had been diagnosed with chorio carcinoma in April of last year I endured 7 months of weekly chemo treatments. By the end I was weak not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Here I am at the end of the treatments
I know scary right I defiantly looked more dead then alive and kinda felt that way too. But I'm blessed cause I'm alive the cancer is gone. A year later I'm healthy, I'm happy, I'm busy. So basically I'm back to me and I love and appreciate everyday that I get to be me. So here a year later I look like this
No longer sickly and with the man I love. With all we've been through this last year we are still the best of friends. It's not always about how beautifully or gracefully you survive life's challenges but it's the fact that you survived and your a better person cause of it. So happy anniversary to me and the fact that I beat cancer to death.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Decor Blog

Ok I finally did I just started a blog for my DIY projects. This one will go back to being my family blog and I will start letting the family know what's going on with my kids. The blog is Beer Budget Decor on Blogspot. I'm excited to start I transfered over some of my project posts sop they are on there already. Any advise On how to get this thing going would be great.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Love note pallet wood sign

I've been wanting to make a sign for over my bed using a pallet. I had no idea how hard those suckers were to take apart seriously crazy. I watched youtube videos and got the biggest sledge hammer but in the end I just took a power saw and cut the crap out of it. When I was finished I ended up with this

So I patch worked the pieces together to get the size and shape I wanted. I used plumbers tape which is a metal strip with holes running all down it it comes in a little roll for super cheap I just screwed it all together with that. I wanted a love letter type feel for it so I just used white craft paint and free handed the lyrics on to it. By the way I'm sure this song will be stuck in your head all day cause that's what happens to me. But I love how she turned out. A big statement piece for about $3 dollars since I only had to buy the plumbers tape. Love me some cheap decor. Ok one last look...

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