Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dirty hamper turned awesome end table!

So how do I know who my real friends are? They're the ones that skip the cookies and bring me over crap from their Grandma's house that she was going to throw away. The absolute perfect gift for me!
And that's just what my beautiful friend Rachel did for me when she brought me over her Grandma's dirty clothes hamper. She's plastic and a hamper but that didn't stop me from turning her into this amazing end table for my hallway.
Don't you love how the glaze brings out all the little details.
She's the perfect size for this spot now I need to find the right accessories for her!

Mirror and sconce update!

So gross right. This mirror has been in our basement storage for years it's a little jacked so my hubby would not let me hang it in our house. But I thought it would be perfect for the downstairs guest room where he never goes. Cleaned off the dust and dirt a little spray paint and so pretty!

I love how it looks and brings more light into this basement room.

I'm getting there I just love how this room is coming together so cheery and bright you don't know your staying under ground.

Awesome Orange dresser for spring!

Ok don't you just love this before pic! The unfinished dirty basement with the drawers all askew. It makes it look like an amazing hot mess, which will make the after pics that much more amazing! Are you ready? TADA!

Isn't she pretty, and so perfect for spring. It just makes me happy inside to see these bright colors.
Don't you just love this hardware. It wasn't this pretty when I got it. It was all green and peach and brown but I got them on ebay for $15 dollars for 24 and that included shipping. They are huge and solid I love them. The perfect earrings for this dresser!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Ladder is finally complete

I've had this project going forever. I'm so happy I finally got it done. My good friend has been building her dream home and if you've built a home you know how stressful it is. So I decided to make her a little house warming gift. It has taken me a long time to complete but I love how it turned out. I don't have a total before cause I forgot. But this is her after she was primed.
It took me forever to find the paint it's Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze. I used a little glaze in black. And then I staped the rope to each rung. This ladder was actually from an outdoor playset that we tore down a few years ago it's been on the side of our house forever. But I saw this done on a blog so I decided it was too cute and copied it. I tried really hard to find the blog post again to give them credit but after three days of trying I gave up. But here she is I just love how it turned out.

If you want to copy my time out sign. That post is HERE
The other pins can be used for hanging pictures or anything you like!

Super cheap wall art

So I found this toilet paper project on this blog and knew I wanted to do it for my bathroom. I'm mean how perfect is tp wall art for the john right! So this is the site Bon Temps Beignet

Anyway i couldn't get mine to work out quite as cute. Then i had this genious idea I had just trimmed my willow tree and had saved all these branches so put the two together and this is what I came up with.

I loved how it turned out and since I had everything on hand it didn't cost me a dime

Friday, April 1, 2011

A year ago today.

A year ago today I got a call that you never think you will ever get. I'm sorry but your biopsy results came back and you have cancer. I wanted to say is this a joke it was after all April fools but I knew this was no joke. Can you imagine having to call your family on April Fools to tell them you have cancer. Everybody was saying is this a joke? But even i was in deep denial. I had been told by my family doc that even if it's cancer they just give you a chemo pill to take and that people sometimes take it daily for arthritis so it wasn't that big of a deal. So we told everybody it wasn't real cancer it was going to be fine. I had no idea what i was in for in the next seven months. It was defiantly real cancer and real chemo. This last year i have learned so much about myself. I'm not as tough and indestructible as I had always thought. I do need help and can't do everything on my own. I learned I could pray and ask for help with anything including poop! I learned that trials including sickness is not a punishment from God or a tool he uses to teach us things but it's a natural consequence of these imperfect bodies. Sickness just happens it's a part of life so don't take it personally. I learned just how much my husband loves me and how much I can lean on him and depend on him. I'm grateful to my mom who stepped in and turned in her grandma badge for a mom badge and helped take care of me and my kids. I'm also so grateful for our community who stepped up with not only emotional support but financial help as well without every one's generosity we would have lost everything our home and sanity. It made me so grateful for my healthy kids. That was one thing that really helped me get thorough it all was the thought better me then my kids. A year ago today I was clueless now I know more things than a woman my age should. I can't say that I'm grateful for cancer but I can say that I'm grateful for the things I have learned and the people who have taught me. I hope this year brings more learning experiences but through another way besides cancer.

This pic is from my last day of chemo.