Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our crazy Braxty!

So i gave Braxton some paper and a pen so he can write, and this is what he wrote. The funny thing is what he said the "letters" said. Mind you this is word for word.
Dear Mom,
Will you be nice.
Yes son.
Thank you mom!
Love, Braxton

Dear Dad,
Will you help me play Star wars clone wars.
Yes son.
Thank you Dad.
Love, Braxton

Dear Mom,
Will you help me play star wars clone wars.
No son.
Mom thats not nice now I'm walking away.
Love, Braxton
Yeah he even said the Dear and Love parts how does he even know that's how a letter starts and ends. I really don't know where they get it.


Nicki said...

HILARIOUS! I love it and LOVE that kid!

House of Joy said...

Dad laughed so hard he started choking when I read this to him!!! He asked the same thing, "Where does this kid come up with this stuff?????"

He is a smartie!!!!!

You are such a wonderful mom!

Love ya