Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another one down!

Yeah , i finished another project! I just love these kind of things that when your done you just walk away, unlike house work where you have to go back five min later and do it again! I would change two things about his one though i would have done the sock and the bow in stitching instead of the punch needle they are just too small to get the right definition but i think it turned out okay. Now i just need to make or find a frame for it. I think I'll make a few of these things and try to sell them. Or just give them away like i normally do!


House of Joy said...

I love it!!!!! So true!

you are an amazing young woman. You serve the Lord, you are always helping others, you work all day and night. You are so talented and creative. You are a good wife and homemaker.

Your boys are so blessed to have such a fun loving mom who is so faithful in teaching them the Gospel.

You are a noble spirit.

Love you forever!

hugsnkisses said...

This is way cute! Which one of our sweet little angels is this? I've sure enjoyed getting to see them this past month. I think the next project should have a VW bus on it!
Have fun getting creative, kiddo.

The Holland Family said...

Starla, so darn cute! You are so talented. Cute saying and very true!
You should go into buisness. Love, Nicole

Stubbs Stuff said...

Cute blog! I love the saying, so true. Thank you so much for mine. It is in my room next to our picture! I love it. I don't have the patience to do things like that. You really should sell them!