Friday, February 13, 2009

our cute store!

Our little store will give you coins when you check out so your kids can ride the merry go round for free. Isn't that so cute our kids love it!


House of Joy said...

They are so cute!!!!!

Austin is such a good brother.

Love those boys!

Can't wait to see you all.

Star, you are a wonderful mom. Your boys are blessed.

Love ya!

Nicki said...

WHAT! I never knew they GIVE you coins. All this time I've been using my own! BUMMER! Good to know!

Stephanie said...

I have NEVER gotten a free coin either. This is discrimination!! I am now boycotting Honeys because they think your kids are cuter than mine!! ha, just kidding!

hugsnkisses said...

Your kids are way too cute, Starla! Those smiles are priceless. I think they need some hugs and kisses from Grandma Hirschi.