Sunday, February 8, 2009

Deer Again!

I know I've posted about the deer before but it stills amazes me every time. This time i was walking by the big window in my kitchen and boom a million eyes on me it scared me to death they have never been this close during the day it can be a little unnerving because they are quite big. Me and Braxty tried to go out to feed them some carrots but they ran off. Maybe we can tame them pet deer would be pretty sweet.

In Vegas you have to worry about your neighbors dog pooping on your lawn here, you have to worry about your neighbors dog and a whole herd of deer pooping on your lawn. The problem is deer poop and coco puffs look alot alike luckily Braxty is old enough to know better and Cash is still too young to play outside but I can see that next year this might be a problem. We'll have to have a little lesson coco puffs okay to eat deer poop not chocolate.

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