Sunday, February 8, 2009

Funny guy!

Here are some more of Braxton's pics! And some of his funny quotes of this week.

while watching Aladdin during one of the kissing scenes:
Mom: ewww! That kissing is gross huh!
Braxton: No I think it's yummy! just a little bit I think!

Braxton: Mom I want a snack!
MOM: No it's almost dinner and mom is excited cause she is so so so so....
Braxty: So Pissed OFF?
Mom: No hungry!

Yeah I'm still working on the good mom thing if you couldn't tell!


House of Joy said...

Good job Braxton!!!!!!!

Your boys are so cute and funny. They are a joy in our lives.

Star you are such a fun mom.
Your boys are so blessed to have you.

Love ya for ever

Staci said...

I love to live in a place where the deer and wildlife are so close! I can't believe you got pictures!