Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Braxton!

We had a party for Braxton on Sat. He was super excited. He got a new bike. He calles it his motorcycle. He spent most of the time arguing with his Uncle Aaron. Aaron: How old are y ou Braxton?
Braxton: I'm six!
Aaron: No your three!
Braxton(screaming): NO I'M SIX I'M BIG!
BUt he was thrilled to have a bithday cake he said my cake I get to make a wish It was super cute!


House of Joy said...

Happy Birthday Braxton!!!!

He is so cute and funny!!!

Do you know what he wished for????

Love ya

mandrews06 said...

Gender: Masculine

Usage: English

Pronounced: BRAKS-tun [key]

From a surname which was originally derived from an Old English place name meaning "Bracca's town".