Thursday, June 26, 2008




Yeah maybe the boob juice might gross you out but how cute is that! It was so fun having everyone up for the weekend. WE had an awesome time rocking out to rock band! Thanks Quincey for bringing it up that was so fun. The kids are doing well now that they are back. Mom is having a harder time but that's to be expected. Cash still has his nights and days mixed up but hopefully that will get better. Ryan is now the pitcher for his softball team. He even hit a home run last night. My house is a total wreck but I'm trying to just say it loooks lived in! And mom I already looked up the cheats I'm so excited! love you guys.

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House of Joy said...

That is so funny!!! He is such a cutie.

It was a fun weekend.

Tell Ryan congrats on the home run!

Love the live in look..some times that is better than the padded cell look that happens to over worked and under slept moms...

Too funny about already looking up the cheats...I figure with all the money I spent on music lessons for you...
All I can is...ROCK ON STAR!!!!!!!

Love ya all forever

PS We sure do miss the boys...the house is way too quiet with out them..