Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cash Money Millionaire! (his rap name)

He's here everybody. The trilogy is complete! What a relief to not be pregnant. To go three weeks early was not part of my plan but he just came anyway. He's perfect healthy sleepy and super cute! I've felt so good this time the delivery was super fast and I got an epidural early enough so I was happy. i even went to church on Sun. I felt so good. Now it's time to get back into the swing of things. The boys are doing well they fight constantly so I guess that means they are back to normal. The girls have been up here and they have been a huge help they get bossed around all by by kids half their size. You don't have to worry about these girls getting into trouble. One week up here with my boys is the best birth control you could ask for. Maybe I should open up a camp for troubled girls where they just come up here and baby sit for me. HMMMM I think I might be on to something!


House of Joy said...

You are so funny! That would be a great way to earn extra cash!!!!

You are such a trooper to go to church on Sunday. You set a wonderful example for your family.

I am so proud of you. You are awesome. I am grateful you are such a wonderful mom. I am so grateful your boys will be raised to be active and faithful in the Church. It will be a huge blessing in their lives...

Love ya forever

mandrews06 said...

Gender: Masculine

Usage: English

Pronounced: KASH [key]

From an English occupational surname for a box maker, derived from Norman French casse meaning "case". A famous bearer of the surname was American musician Johnny Cash (1932-2003).