Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Ladder is finally complete

I've had this project going forever. I'm so happy I finally got it done. My good friend has been building her dream home and if you've built a home you know how stressful it is. So I decided to make her a little house warming gift. It has taken me a long time to complete but I love how it turned out. I don't have a total before cause I forgot. But this is her after she was primed.
It took me forever to find the paint it's Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze. I used a little glaze in black. And then I staped the rope to each rung. This ladder was actually from an outdoor playset that we tore down a few years ago it's been on the side of our house forever. But I saw this done on a blog so I decided it was too cute and copied it. I tried really hard to find the blog post again to give them credit but after three days of trying I gave up. But here she is I just love how it turned out.

If you want to copy my time out sign. That post is HERE
The other pins can be used for hanging pictures or anything you like!

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Nate & Elisa said...

I love love love it! The girl you are giving it to is one lucky girl! You are such a thoughtful friend.