Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ok this project turned out so cute these are curtains for Cash's room. Total cast was $30. I could have bought curtains for that much but they wouldn't have matched so perfectly!

This was my room make over project it's not done yet but we rearranged the furniture I love where it's at now and I painted all the dresser and night stand including the hardware. It was that ugly peach before with gold hardware. I have a new bed spread I ordered and I'm going to paint the bed dark too and curtains so I'll post when it's finally done. BUt the total cost was only about $40 dollars worth of spray paint. I love it!

These are baby bracelets I made for Lindy's baby girl I've also had 3 friends who have had baby girls so don't worry ladies I got them coming for ya!

This was a cake me and Austin made for his blue and gold banquet. It turned out cute and he was excited I just wish I had some black frosting to outline it but next time I'll know.

Las t is this cake I made for Ryan for Valentines. Nothing like giving a gift you can eat too! It was yummy!


Ramsays said...

Those cakes look so yummy!!! When you are done making over your house you can come and do mine ha ha ha!!!

Jennifer said...

Super cute bracelets. I'm not having a girl baby (or a boy for that matter...that's how rumors get started :D) but I want a bracelet too.

Angie said...

Look at you crafty girl! I love it all. Can't wait to see the final reveal of your bedroom:)

House of Joy said...

You are amazing and wonderful!!!

Your cakes are the best!!!!!!!

Love ya