Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Halloween!

These are our three little monsters! This year we didn't have a uniting theme but they were all super cute! I made Austin's costume it turned out pretty good considering I didn't have a pattern and i had to watch youtube videos of some 40 yr old virgins to get ideas. But next yr I might try to make all three who knows!

This was Ry's pumpkin it wouldn't download last time so I'm happy it did this time so cute!

This was my costume for our halloween bunco. I was livin la vida chola! I won a $30 prize for best costume! I really didn't deserve it but hey I'm not giving it back!

1 comment:

House of Joy said...

Ahh, You make your mama proud!

Cute boys and a gangsta mama!
You are so funny

Love ya!