Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Fun!

When I had a couple days off last week me and the boys had some halloween fun! Our hairy spider cupcakes!

Our bat cupcakes! these were my favorite so cute!

This is what we had for dinner, mummies and monster fingers!

My pumpkin! Turned out cute but man it's hard work!


House of Joy said...

How fun!!!!! You are a wonderful mama.

Love you all

Rach said...

Mom of the year award! I never do cutesie things like that. You are quite the cha-cha-cha- chola mommy!

strbrte said...

Oh Rach, if you looked over this blog you'd see this is the only post of me doing this kind of thing with my kids! And to be honest I don't know if i ever will again!

The Pali's said...

Looks like fun Star! We're having Jack-O-Lantern pizza tonight (just pizza with pepperoni's in the shape of a face).