Saturday, May 24, 2008

Am I afraid of childirth?

Now that this pregnancy is slowly coming to a close. I am asked this question alot what about it scares me. I have to be honest and say not much really makes me that nervous until...... I look at my two year olds head. Holy crap Charlie Brown has nothing on that kid. It is gianourmous. No doubt thinking where that thing comes from makes me a little apprehensive. What are my chances that this one will have a tiny (or heck I'll even settle for normal sized) head. Yeah probably slim to none is my guess too. I guess the upside to the big head is that as accident prone my Braxton is his brain has alot of room to roll around in there!

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House of Joy said...

Daddy, Christy and I laughed so hard we have tears running down our checks.

I think Braxton's head is perfect...

Bless your heart, All I can say is thanks heavens for epidurals..

Love ya lots