Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cool green nightstand! Finally reupholstered dining chairs!

I picked this beauty up at a local thrift store for 4 bucks. It needed a little work since it had been left outside but my hubby hooked me up with that. She is going in Christy's room downstairs so I went with a lovely green color did a little glaze action and here she is in all her glory!

Her final resting place by Christy's bed. I just love how it turned out so vintage and funky!
Now on to the chairs. I found this old set on craigslist and my father in law picked it up for me for fifty bucks. It has two leaves and six chairs that looked like this when I got them.

This was the original fabric

I loved the green and blue velvet but it doesn't match my colors. But here they are looking so good all black and white.

As you can see I still need to repaint them but I need to save some projects for another day right!


n8, kris10, and scout said...

So cute! You are so crafty. You inspire me!

Ramsays said...

You have such cute ideas I loove the green!!

Angie said...

Looks cute Starla! I love doing stuff like that. Ok, I always feel like I ask the dumbest questions on your blog--totally stuff I should already know the answers too--but who is Christy? And why does she have a room in your house?? I'm so confused...:)

strbrte said...

Angie she's my little sis and she lived with us when I was going through treatments so we finished her room in the basement.

Holly said...

You are amazing!!!! You have made your home so beautiful.
Love ya lots