Friday, November 21, 2008

Austins mohawk!

I forgot I told Austin I would post these pics so everyone could see his mohawk. It was crazy hair hair day at school so he needed a hair cut anyway so we let him have it for a day. Then he came home and I told him it was time to cut it he said but i like it spiky. I told him if he kept this look he would have to do his hair everyday before school. He said never mind you can cut it!


House of Joy said...

Austin, you are such a cutie!!!!!!

I ordered your birthday present and it should be here soon!

Love you lots

hugsnkisses said...

Austin, you need to learn how to do your hair now. You don't want to grow up lookin like your Dad, do you?
Just keeeding, Ryan. I'll do your hair for you when you come for Thanksgiving (with the clippers!)
Thanks for having so many new posts on here, Starla, so we can keep up with your happenings.
Love you guys.