Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our tree our baby.

We planted this tree just before Cash was born. This is what it looked like just after Cash was born.

This is what our tree looks like now four months later it has been so fun to watch it grow as Cash grows.

This is what our cute Cash looks like now. Yesterday we took him in for his four month check up he was 15.3 pounds and 25 inches long. he is such a good happy baby. He is growing so fast.


House of Joy said...

It is amazing how much he has grown!!!!! I love his personality and he is so cute!!!!!

You are a wonderful mom. Your boys are so blessed to be raised in a Christ centered home.

Hope and pray you feel better soon.
Love ya

Stephanie said...

That is so fun, I didn't realize it was so close to his birth. He'll have his own tree!

hugsnkisses said...

There are a whole string of trees just off the 95 and Rancho that were planted the day that Jordan was born. When he ws going through all of his problems, I took heart in watching those trees grow. It was kind of like if they can thrive, so will he. Cash certainly looks like he's getting bigger, and if it's possible, CUTER. Can't wait to hold him again.

Nicki said...

Claire only weighs 15 pounds!! How funny!

The Wright Family said...

Hey Starla! I hadn't seen your blog before! Your baby is getting so big, he's soo cute!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU sooo much for the way awesome hooter-hider! I LOVE it and get compliments on it ALL the time!